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ইংরেজি-আব্দুল্লাহ আল মামুন-সিনিয়র শিক্ষক-ন্যাশনাল আইডিয়াল স্কুল এন্ড কলেজ,ঢাকা-HSC-2020…

অনলাইন ডেস্ক: HSC- 2020- English 2nd Paper.

প্রিয় পরীক্ষার্থী বন্ধুরা,তোমাদের ইংরেজি  Question Number- 11 : Use of synonym and antonym এর উপর অত্যন্ত প্রয়োজনীয় exercise with Answer লিখেছি।তোমাদের নিশ্চিত সাফল্যের ব্যাপারে শুভ কামনা রইল।

Read the passage and then write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below.


Citizens having good characters lead (a) virtuouslives. Their thought and  behaviour show high moral values. They cannot even think of doing any (b) immoral deed. One of the most (c) positive qualities of these people is tolerance towards others. Tolerance and respect together can make life (d) harmoniousand (e) peaceful in society. If a person is (f) intolerant,  becomes difficult and almost (g) impossible  for that person. As we want to live in (h)happiness, we must learn social norms. By obeying social norms, we can enjoy (i) heavenlypleasure. On the other hand, we will suffer a lot, if we (j) disobey these.

Antonym/ Synonym

(a) Virtuous (Antonym)

(b) Immoral (Antonym)

(c) Positive  (Synonym)

(d) Harmonious (Antonym)

(e) Peaceful  (Antonym)

(f) Intolerant (Synonym)

(g) Impossible  (Synonym)

(h) Happiness, (Antonym)

(i) Heavenly (Synonym)

(j) Disobey (Synonym)


(a) Virtuous (Antonym) – evil, corrupt, immoral

(b) Immoral (Antonym) – moral, ethical, behaviour

(c) Positive  (Synonym) – optimistic, hopeful, confident

(d) Harmonious (Antonym) – unfriendly, discordant, quarrelsome

(e) Peaceful  (Antonym) – violent, hostile, warlike

(f) Intolerant (Synonym) – prejudiced, racist, dogmatic

(g) Impossible  (Synonym) – impracticable, unachievable

(h) Happiness, (Antonym)  – unhappiness, depression, distress

(i) Heavenly (Synonym) – divine, holy, celestial

(j) Disobey (Synonym) – defy, ignore, disregard


Books are the (a) unique medium through which we contact (b) mighty minds of ages. Books tell us about their feelings, what they said and what they did. Books are one of the greatest friends to us. They introduce us to the best (c)  humanity. They are (d) reliable records of the history of pastmen. A book is a (e) valuable living voice. We can know about the thoughts and (f) rituals of past men through books. We should read books and avoid (g) worthless ones. A good book is a friend in (h) loneliness and nurse in (i) ailment. We can find real (j) happiness by reading good books.

Antonym/ Synonym

(a) Unique (Antonym)

(b) Mighty (Antonym)

(c)  Humanity (Synonym)

(d) Reliable (Antonym)


(e) Valuable (Antonym)

(g) Worthless (Synonym)

(f) Rituals (Synonym)

(h) Loneliness (Synonym)

(i) Ailment (Synonym)

(j) Happiness (Antonym)


(a) Unique (Antonym) – common, general, simple

(b) Mighty (Antonym) – weak, forceless, feeble

(c)  Humanity (Synonym) – mankind, manhood, humanness

(d) Reliable (Antonym) – unfaithful, trustless, unreliable

(e) Valuable (Antonym) – worthless, unimportant, useless

(g) Worthless (Synonym) – ceremony, function, celebration

(f) Rituals (Synonym) – useless, inessential, valueless

(h) Loneliness (Synonym) – singleness, solitude, aloneness

(i) Ailment (Synonym) – illness, sickness, malady

(j) Happiness (Antonym) -sadness, unhappiness, distress


Man has a/an (a) Unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He is dissatisfied with what he has known and seen. He wants to know more and more. This (b) curiosityto know more, coupled with his (c) unconquerablespirit of (d) adventure has inspired him to undertake and carry out (e) difficult and (f) dangerous tasks. It has eventually resulted in epoch-making discoveries and inventions and led him in his (g) continuousjourney from his (h) helpless state of power and (i) progress. In the fields of science and technology man has many

(j) achievements

Antonym/ Synonym


(a) Unquenchable (Antonym)

(b) Curiosity (Antonym)

(c) Unconquerable (Antonym)

(d) Adventure (Synonym)

(e) Difficult  (Synonym)

(f) Dangerous (Antonym)

(g) Continuous (Synonym)

(h) Helpless (Synonym)

(i) Progress (Synonym)

(j) Achievements (Synonym)


(a) Unquenchable (Antonym) – satiable, satisfied, pleased

(b) Curiosity (Antonym) – apathy, callousness, coldness

(c) Unconquerable (Antonym) – conquerable, pregnable, acquirable

(d) Adventure (Synonym) – risk

(e) Difficult  (Synonym) – hard, though, problematic

(f) Dangerous (Antonym) – safe, protected, secure

(g) Continuous (Synonym) – uninterrupted, constant

(h) Helpless (Synonym) – unable, powerless, weak

(i) Progress (Synonym) – development, improvement, advancement

(j) Achievements (Synonym) – accomplishment, attainment, performance


Money is the means of leading worldly life. (a)Shortage of money makes our life deplorable. We cannot lead our life (b) properly in want of money. But there are (c) difficulties in earning money. Our (d) peace and (e) prosperity are (f) dependent on proper  (g) utilization  of money. (h) Spendingmoney in a proper way (i) lead us (j) rightly.

Antonym/ Synonym

(a) Shortage (Antonym)

(b) properly (Antonym)

(c) Difficulty (Synonym)

(d) Peace (Antonym)

(e) Prosperity (Antonym)

(f) Dependent (Antonym)

(g) Utilize (Synonym)

(h) Spend (Antonym)

(i) Lead (Synonym)

(j) Rightly (Synonym)


(a) Shortage (Antonym) – abundance, excess, surplus

(b) properly (Antonym) – wrongly, incorrectly, improperly

(c) Difficulty (Synonym) – hardship, problem, trouble

(d) Peace (Antonym) – Hostility, war, warfare

(e) Prosperity (Antonym) – poverty, want, failure

(f) Dependent (Antonym) – self-reliant, independent, capable

(g) Utilize (Synonym) – use, employ, deploy

(h) Spend (Antonym) – store, keep, save

(i) Lead (Synonym) – guide, conduct, escort

(j) Rightly (Synonym) – properly, correctly, appropriately


(a) Honesty is the antonymous use of dishonesty. An honest man is never (b) harmful to anybody. He never does (c) injustice to other. When he does any thing (d) immoral, he feels (e) uncomfortable. He never tells a lie. He is always (f) responsible to his duty. We should not (g) perform any job with (h) insincerity and its (i) better to leave the path of dishonesty and (j)falsehood.

Antonym/ Synonym

(a) Honesty (Synonym)

(b) Harmful (Antonym)

(c) Injustice (Antonym)

(d) Immoral (Synonym)

(e) Uncomfortable (Antonym)

(f) Responsible (Synonym)

(g) Perform (Synonym)

(h) Insincerity (Antonym)

(i) Better (Synonym)

(j)Falsehood (Synonym)


(a) Honesty (Synonym) – integrity, faithfulness

(b) Harmful (Antonym) – beneficial, harmless, useful

(c) Injustice (Antonym) – equity, right, justice

(d) Immoral (Synonym) – wicked, corrupt, vicious

(e) Uncomfortable (Antonym) – relaxed, comfortable, easy

(f) Responsible (Synonym) – accountable, liable, amenable

(g) Perform (Synonym) -carry out, achieve, complete

(h) Insincerity (Antonym) – honesty, sincerity, faithfulness

(i) Better (Synonym) – worse

(j)Falsehood (Synonym) – deception, dishonesty, unprofitable


All species are (a) important for maintaining ecological balance. If one is lost, the whole natural enviornment gets changed. We should save our wildlife to protect the enviornment for being (b) spoiled. Many countries are now taking action to protect their (c) endangered wildlife. Mankind must develop a (d) concern for wild creatures and must (e) ensure that they will not be (f) perished. Destroying wild creature means (g) destroying ourselves. It is high time we (h) protected them. We should (i) remember that love for animals means (j) love mankind.

Antonym/ Synonym

(a) Important (Antonym)

(b) Spoiled (Antonym)

(c) Endangered (Antonym)

(d) Concern (Synonym)

(e) Ensure (Synonym)

(f) Perished (Synonym)

(g) Destroying (Synonym)

(h) Protect (Antonym)

(i) Remember (Antonym)

(j) Love (Synonym)


(a) Important (Antonym) –  trivial, unimportant, insignificant

(b) Spoiled (Antonym) -preserve, save, improve

(c) Endangered (Antonym) – protect, save, guard

(d) Concern (Synonym) – regard, matter, affair

(e) Ensure (Synonym) – confirm, secure

(f) Perish (Synonym) – decline, disappear, vanish

(g) Destroy (Synonym) – ruin, smash, devastate

(h) Protect (Antonym) – threaten, attack, endanger

(i) Remember (Antonym) – ignore, forget, overlook

(j) Love (Synonym) – adore, like worship


The outward (a) beauty of a man is not his real beauty. His (b) inward beauty makes him a true man. Everyman has certain inborn (c) qualities whereby he can become a (d) useful man and thus a celebrated person. So, we may say that inward values are more (e) important than outward ones. But it is very sad that we remain (f) careless about our mental (g)development. We always remain (h) busy with how to (i) enrich our outer show which really (j) valueless.

Antonym/ Synonym

(a) Beauty (Antonym)

(b) Inward (Antonym)

(c) Qualities (Synonym)

(d) Useful (Antonym)

(e) Important (Antonym)

(f) Careless (Antonym)

(g)Development (Synonym)

(h) Busy (Synonym)

(i) Enrich (Synonym)

(j) Valueless (Synonym)


(a) Beauty (Antonym) – ugliness, unpleasantness, unattractiveness

(b) Inward (Antonym) – outward, outer

(c) Qualities (Synonym) – characteristic, status, merit

(d) Useful (Antonym) – worthless, useless, ineffective

(e) Important (Antonym) – trivial, unimportant, minor

(f) Careless (Antonym) – careful, alert, attentive

(g)Development (Synonym) – growth, progress, advancement

(h) Busy (Synonym) – diligent, active, efficient

(i) Enrich (Synonym) – enhance, develop, improve

(j) Valueless (Synonym) – worthless, useless, ineffective


The aim of education is the (a) harmonious (b) development. But bookish knowledge is (c) insufficient in this regard. Without co-curricular (d) activities the full bloming of body, mind and soul is (e) impossible,  including (f) debate, publication of magazine, cultural activities. They also (g) enrich the students with (h) modesty (i) diligence and

(j) politeness etc.

Antonym/ Synonym

(a) Harmonious  (Antonym)

(b) Development (Synonym)

(c) Insufficient (Antonym)

(d) Activity (Antonym)

(e) Impossible (Antonym)

(f) Debate (Synonym)

(g) Enrich (Synonym)

(h) Modesty  (Antonym)

(i) Diligence (Synonym)

(j) Politeness (Synonym)


(a) Harmonious  (Antonym) – unfriendly, disagreeable, quarrelsome

(b) Development (Synonym) – advancement, progress, evolution

(c) Insufficient (Antonym) – ample, sufficient, plenty,

(d) Activity (Antonym) – inactivity, quiet, clam

(e) Impossible (Antonym) – reasonable, possible, feasible

(f) Debate (Synonym) – argument, dispute, disagreement

(g) Enrich (Synonym) – enhance, upgrade, develop

(h) Modesty  (Antonym) – immodesty, arrogance, vanity

(i) Diligence (Synonym) – perseverance, earnestness, exertion


(j) Politeness (Synonym) – courtesy, modesty,


Nobody is (a) immortal on earth. We are (b) accountable to god for our deeds. So it is (c) unwiseto lead an  (d) impious life on earth. Moreover, it is (e) improbable that man can escape death. As death is (f) inevitable, we must do something noble to be in the heart of people even after our death. For this purpose, we should (g) properly use our talent and full (h) potentiality to achieve our desired goal. We must keep in mind that this goal should be (i) helpfulto others. (j) Importance should be given to prepare us ready to carry out our individual duty.

Antonym/ Synonym

(a) Immortal (Antonym)

(b) Accountable (Synonym)

(c) Unwise (Antonym)

(d) Impious (Antonym)

(e) Improbable (Antonym)

(f) Inevitable (Antonym)

(g) Properly (Synonym)

(i) Helpful (Synonym)

(j) Importance (Synonym)


(a) Immortal (Antonym) – passing, mortal, perishable

(b) Accountable (Synonym) – answerable, responsible, intelligent

(c) Unwise (Antonym) – sensible, wise, knowledgeable,

(d) Impious (Antonym) – religious, devout, reverent

(e) Improbable (Antonym) – plausible, probable, feasible

(f) Inevitable (Antonym) – preventable, escapable, doubtful

(g) Properly (Synonym) – appropriately, correctly, rightly

(h) Potential (Synonym) – possible, latent, conceivable

(i) Helpful (Synonym) – cooperative, useful, beneficial, worthwhile

(j) Importance (Synonym) – significance, worth, gravity


Bangladesh is mainly an (a) agricultural country. Most of her people live in and most of them are farmers. (b) Unfortunately the condition of our farmers are (c) dissatisfactory. They can (d) hardlylead a (e) happy life. Their life is full of (f) miseriesand (g) disadvantages. They cannot plough their land (h) properly due to (i) financial and technological (j) support.

Antonym/ Synonym

(a) Agricultural (Synonym)

(b) Unfortunately (Synonym)

(c) Dissatisfied  (Antonym)

(d) Hardly (Antonym)

(e) Happy (Antonym)

(f) Miseries (Antonym)

(g) Disadvantages (Antonym)

(h) Properly (Synonym)

(i) Financial (Synonym)

(j) Support (Synonym)


(a) Agricultural (Synonym) – farming, agronomic, agrarian

(b) Unfortunately (Synonym) – unluckily, lucklessly, regrettably

(c) Dissatisfied  (Antonym) – content, satisfied, pleased, untroubled

(d) Hardly (Antonym) – completely, certainly, usually

(e) Happy (Antonym) – sad, unhappy, gloomy

(f) Miseries (Antonym) – pleasure, relief, comfort

(g) Disadvantages (Antonym) – benefit, advantage, plus

(h) Properly (Synonym) – appropriately, correctly, rightly

(i) Financial (Synonym) – economic, fiscal, pecuniary

(j) Support (Synonym) – assistance, aid, help, and encouragement.

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